Server providers

These awesome organisations and individuals have contributed gameservers to the reservation system

Professional hosting providers

Logo Name Description Location IP

TragicServers is a very well known provider in North America who does a lot for the NA scene. For the NA version of, TragicServers provides all gameservers in 4 locations. TragicServers is the reason there's a at all.

United States of Amercia, Chicago-Dallas-New York-San Jose,,,

Community supporters

Logo Name Description Location IP

FakkelBrigade is a long time supporter of the European TF2 scene, providing free services for clans. Free mumble, free servers and free STV relays. They also host community website VanillaTF2. FakkelBrigades provides a number of gameservers.

Germany - Falkenstein + Dusseldorf, France - Roubaix, the Netherlands - Rotterdam,,,, &