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jakeowaty Logo
AnAkIn Plugin: TFTrue
zooob Service:
Wiethoofd Service:
nTraum Servers
slate Servers
SeriousCat Servers
Spike Server
Maidos Servers
tragic Servers
Chaplain Suggestion: Extended logs
Chaplain Suggestion: Zipped logs and demos
GoT <3 Suggestion: A server only reservable by certain people
Darker Suggestion: steam:// connect URL after making a reservation
Kaneco Suggestion: Remind users to end their reservations
Kaneco Suggestion: Automatically ending reservations when server is empty for 30 minutes
kKaltUu Suggestion: upload
george Suggestion: disable STV for TF2Lobby play
jarppa Fixing install guide, various pull requests
Jon1155 Suggestion: Allow editing of reservations
kKaltUu Suggestion: warn when ending reservation with players on server